Sk8te or Die – or so they say……

OK OK, this is a brag post…..

Moomoo and Monkeyboy have both played soccer and rugby.  They liked both of these but didn’t really love them.  We like them playing sport but lets face it, running around, going to the training – Friday night, dead of winter, frost on the ground, training in the rain, no train no game – well all that kinda sucks after a while right??  And the coin – how do people afford to put their kids in rugby, swimming, ballet all that crap that you’re supposed to put your kids in because everyone else is doing it (don’t get sucked in newbie parents – it’s a con I tell ya!)

It was the 20th anniversary of the Big Day Out – a huge music festival that Mr Cruisey and I have been going to for years, last year.  Tony Hawk, the God of the 900 was there.  Being the cool Mum that I am, I stood in the rain, sharpie and 2 boys T Shirts in hand for an hour to get his signature.  Getting squashed by smart arse little teens who only know Tony Hawk as a character from their Play Stations, but I did it, oh yes sirree, I got me that signature I did!!  Brownie points earned big time!

monkey and moomoo 438monkey and moomoo 432monkey and moomoo 434monkey and moomoo 436

(The Dude – The Shirts!)

So skating is a big deal in our house.  They got new Powell Peralta boards for Christmas, they go to Brisbane Skate School every Sunday (well Moomoo more so than Monekyboy) and are learning new tricks all the time.  To say I’m super proud is a bit of an understatement.  Watching them find something they enjoy that is a little left of the norm is pretty cool too and guess what else, we didn’t have to pay a registration fee, game fee, thanks for showing up fee, support the club fee and all those other bullshit fees.

And here’s the kicker – they’re really getting good at it!
monkey and moomoo 399monkey and moomoo 400monkey and moomoo 401


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