Ho Ho Hoax!

Yep you got it, it happened, Moomoos world fell apart – again.  I did the post below in August last year.  The last line says:


Well guess what, guess who got stuck

crushing my childs hopes and dreams, and destroying a little piece of him – AGAIN!

He’d been getting pretty suss about the whole Santa thing – especially when his Santa list kept changing and we’d ask what was on it, he’d say well Santa will know all kinda smug like, and why do we need to know and all attitude.  From these conversations, Mr Cruisey and I were getting suss on Moomoo too and we kinda knew the inevitable was coming.

‘So about Santa, is he real or what?’

Trap!  We had spent the last couple of weeks avoiding this question but, he was on to me.  Righto, lets do this,

‘Well Moomoo, I’m pretty sure you’re a bit suss on it so do you really want the truth?’ – please say no, please say no….

‘Yes Mum tell me, is Santa real or not.’ – damn you child….

‘Ya sure mate’ – please say no, please say no….

‘Yes Mum, tell me!’ – And off we go….

‘Well Moomoo, I’m gonna tell you, no Santa is not real.’ – Bullet bitten!

‘WWhhhaaaaaaatttttt! What do you mean?? You mean it’s you guys, what do you mean?  Well that’s it, I know the truth now, I don’t want any presents anymore!’ – Tears, sobbing, hysterical sobbing, the kind that makes your soul sore kinda tears.

‘Why would adults make it up?  What’s the point?  I guess you’re going to tell me that the Easter Bunny isn’t real to!’

Kinda gave him a look here that confirmed those fears to…

‘WWhhhaaaaaatttttt! Really, he’s not real too – why, why make it all up??????

Well kid ya gotta point here.  These are the characters we make up the stories about:

Santa – big jolly fat dude who sits on his rotund arse all year, hangs out with elves or ‘minions’ who get to make gifts for all the children in the world – and the big guy gets all the glory!  And then he only works once a year, creeps into everyones houses, eats all the crap they left out and bolts – not bad for a days work!

The Toothfairy – even creepier, she sneaks into kids rooms and nicks their teeth to do what with?  Sell them? How much do you get on the black-market for teeth?  At least she has the decency to leave some coins behind!

The Easter Bunny – well I can’t really diss the bunny too much.  If a rabbit wants to deliver chocolate to me, well I’m gonna let him go for it!  It’s still kinda odd though, no opposable thumbs yet doesn’t do a bad job at it – unless of course it’s really the bunny out of Donnie Darko – that bunny can keep the chocolate I reckon!

Did I miss any?

So Moomoo and I have comes to the agreement that we will keep up the charade for the sake of Monkeyboy and after thinking about it, Moomoo does actually want presents for Christmas.

Ah the lies we tell……


Here is the previous post………

Lately, Moomoo had been asking the Big 3 – Santa, The Tooth Fairy, The Easter Bunny.  He’s asking if they are real or is it just us.  Of course we tell him they are real because we have been putting off bursting the child’s bubble and destroying his faith in all thing’s make believe.  But we’ve come a little unstuck with The Tooth Fairy.

See The Tooth Fairy has been a bit slack the last couple of times and has forgotten to drop by.  Last night was another example.  Moomoo lost his tooth yesterday and put it under his pillow last night.  I was at work and Mr Cruisey forgot to tell me it was there, hence, no coin, tooth still there.  Moomoo wakes up, checks and says,

‘Oh great, The Tooth Fairy forgot to come – again,’

Moomoo was a little disheartened.  I said that I didn’t realize he had lost his tooth to which he said,

‘So is that why The Tooth Fairy didn’t come because you were at work? Didn’t Dad tell you?’

Damn, he’s sussing me out!  As I said, he’s been doing it for a while, probably doesn’t help that she is a no show half the time.  So I try and wiggle my way out of it but he’s on to it.  Mr Cruisey was still here so I told him what was going on and said I think it’s about time to come clean because he’s really suss on it.  So we decide to tell him.

Holy shit balls.  Now the way he was talking, I thought that I would get a ‘See I told you so’ kind of reaction, what I got was the complete opposite.  What I can say for sure is this,

I just crushed my childs hopes and dreams, I destroyed a little piece of him this morning.

There was tears – TEARS I’m telling you, not a few, but LOTS OF TEARS.  Then there was the blame game,

‘Why did you tell me that Mum?’ – ah because you kept saying it was us.’

‘How did you feel when Nanna told you?’ – hmmm too long ago (Dawn, did you destroy my hopes and dreams?)

‘I bet Lilly knows (12 year old cousin)’ – actually, probably yes.

‘Who made up The Tooth Fairy?’ – Good question kid, lets hunt them down!

‘Well I’m going to be thinking about this all day!’ – man oh man oh man, do I feel slack now.

So it really didn’t go as I thought it would, the poor little bugger was crushed.  The good news is, he was himself within about 20 minutes and he still got money from me – yes it was guilt money, but it worked!  He will get over it I know, but geez, this is something that I wasn’t prepared for and I tell you what else,



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