That’s a Wrap!

Week Ending27th January, 2013

Hmmm yes, that was my weekend but firstly, here’s the weekly wrap up!!

As I am typing this, Mother Nature has really cracked the shits.  Pouring torrential rain, gale forced winds – it’s on!  She is angry and she is sharing her wrath!  Great start for the school year tomorrow – but start there will be – or else, there is going to be one cranky mother here – probably not alone there!

The 10 year old has had a dramatic week.  He was promised an interview on Triple J, then they cancelled, his world ended, he received compensation loot – world a better place again – see previous post for all details.

Both boys have been fighting, playing, fighting, fighting, playing, fighting pretty much all week.  School cannot come quick enough.  Finally got their books sorted and really, I don’t care if they are looking forward to it or not, I am!

It was Australia Day weekend so that meant we had a party at Dawns.  There were shots to be had, food to be eaten and music – triple J hottest 100 was on the airways, much to Poppies distress as he pointed out, a lot, over and over, again and again……..

Kochie is still in the poo – dont’ mess with breast feeding Mummies hey!

And junk food was avoided – well mostly, and exercise started – slowly, but it’s a start!

So peeps, have a great week – and hopefully Mother Nature will take a break soon.

I have decided to do a weekly wrap up, all the cool kids are doing it and if I don’t get to do at least one blog during the week, the reason may lie in the week that was.

Week Ending 20th January, 2013


I started my new position of Wedding and Events Manager at my workplace (where I have been forever) last week so I have been a bit all over the shop – email queries, phone queries, drop in, show arounds, final appointments and getting my desk, workspace, computer system all in order – I am loving the change though.

I had my first solo wedding on the weekend and a groom to be proposed to his bride to be – she said yes so it all worked out well – would’ve been awkward otherwise considering they were coming to check out the venue for their wedding!

It was also the second last week of school holidays, the kids are getting a bit tired, foul, whingeing oops actually, that’s just the everyday!  Thankfully our neighbour and friend has taken on the crazy task of looking after them for the duration of the hellidays – she is one crazy super hero I tell you.  Me on the other hand, well I had forgotten about their book list didn’t I so I made a sneaky phone call to my work stationery supplier and he will sort for me this week – no contact either – not going through the stupid task of covering the school books, book covers this year!!!!!

The media was on fire a bit this week – Lance Armstrong admitted he was a drug cheat – I know, I know, big surprise isn’t it and Kochie, a morning show host on Oz TV put not only his foot in his mouth, he started to chew his leg off  (see why below)

It was stupid crazy hot, heat waves all over the country, the other half burning.  My house was in the usual amount of chaos – nothing over the top, not too many melt downs, minimal PMS – or so I thought…. rejoined the gym, didn’t walk The Moose enough (promise to make it up), started dieting everyday until I blew it and have a real need to rectify all of that next week!


Taking Moomoo to skate School by myself and hanging with him for a bit and getting a phone call from Triple J, a national radio station to interview Moomoo tomorrow about our upcoming Australia Day party so the little dude is stoked!  That’ll probably be a whole new post next week.


Not getting enough sleep (or exercising or dieting or walking The Moose)  oh hang on, I better get rid of the Lows, they might become a recurring theme…….

This weeks motto:

Have a great week y’all


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