Life is Full Of Disappointments….



Life is full of disappointment -that saying shits me, really shits me.  Telling a kid that is not always the best option.  Yes there are disappointments but how we choose to deal with them is the kicker – right?

Example:  Poor Moomoo got a right old kick in the nads this week.  He was all geared up to go on the radio on Monday.  They had called me twice, confirmed details, Auntie was coming over to stay with the boys while they rang – it was all systems go.

Then it happened.

They cancelled!!!!

They were very remorseful, and were totally to blame, and sorry for the double booking and lack of communication and we’re really, really sorry – and look, I heard it in his voice, he really was.

So lucky me, I got to break the news to him.

Disappointment??? Fuck me!!! His world fell apart – and I don’t blame him!  There was a good hour of tears when I got home in the afternoon.  Sobbing, gut wrenching tears, the ones that you really can’t fix.  The chocolate that day helped and the Nerf toys he guilted Auntie into buying helped but he was just crushed.

To compensate, he was getting a bunch of free stuff from the station.  He received it today.  Whilst Moomoo is grateful and likes it, tell me this, why the fuck would you send a large mens shirt to a 10-year-old???? And why ask me to txt Moomoos favourite Top 3 songs and then send CDs from randoms???

I have been listening to this radio station forever, as have the kids and pretty much everyone we know.  I have faith in this station but really – a large fucken mens shirt???? Oh and a tote bag – when the fuck is he going to use that??

Yes I know, it may actually be me who is disappointed with the loot – well yeah I am – large mens shirt really??????  At least Moomoo says he likes it well mostly likes it and from previous experience with him, I’m not going to harp on it, he likes it, that’s good.

So back to my original statement.

Life is full of disappointments but in the big scheme of things, by the time the shirt fits him it’ll be retro so he’ll be super cool with a limited edition shirt!!.  He’ll find a use for the bag’ tote bag or not, he’ll use it I’m sure and we have some new music to listen to – they might become our favourite bands – who knows.

Thank you Triple J.  You taught Moomoo a lesson in disappointment and we got through it.  You did as you said and sent him some loot and any loot is cool loot.  At least he has a story he can tell his mates – kinda like the one that got away.

Triple J hottest 100 – listen to it this Australia Day!!!!!!



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