Schools Back!!!



Ah, the first day back at school……

The kids got themselves sorted – well after the usual amount of:

‘Have you had breakfast?’ /  ‘Can I do it after I watch blah blah blah?’ / ‘No’

‘Have you had a shower?’ /  ‘Can I have breakfast first?’ / ‘Well seeing as I asked you to do it before, that’d be good’

‘Have you finished breakfast’ / ‘No’  / ‘Well stop mucking around and hurry up.’ – muttering under breath…..

‘Did you put deodorant on?’ ‘ / Oh, um, I am now’  /  ‘Have you done your teeth?’  / ‘I can only do one thing at a time’ / ‘Hurry up, we’ll be late’

Walking up to the school on the first day every year takes me back to the first day of when the boys started Prep.  Preppies have two looks – well actually, this look can apply to any year really……..

1 – The ‘look at me I’m a big boy now’ – that’s the one you want.  You probably won’t get tears today, they’ll come at some point but not the first day – score!

2 – The WTF look – fear in eyes, trying not to cry, be cool – what time does school finish? You’ll probably get tears today – that sucks, but you’re not alone.

Moomoo was No. 1, Monkeyboy, ah No. 2.

Anyway, to all the newbie parents, it gets easier I assure you.

Day one means meeting the new teachers.  You want to tell the teacher all about your kid.  I’ve done it nearly every year I reckon – well up until last year anyway.  Last year I hung back and went in a couple of weeks later.  I’m pretty sure it’s not until about week 5 that the teacher actually puts parents faces to kids names – well unless you got one of ‘those kids’, then you’re known before the year starts!

Crowded class room, helping the kid unpack all of his new books, checking out everyones mammoth effort with the contact – I got book covers this year – I will never, ever do the contact thing again – it is evil, pure evil!!!  I really, really want to get out, but I’m kinda freaking out wondering if Monkeyboy is freaking out, but he seems fine, but this is freaking me out – gotta – get – out – now!!!

OK I go now, my boy is fine…… I need caffeine!

Anyway, to wrap it up, day one is done and dusted.  No big dramas happened, they seem happy enough to be back and I got just a little time to myself before I started work.

How do your first days go??



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