Silver Linings Playbook

I got to have 2.5 hours to myself last week and went to the movies with my sister-in-law – it’s the little treat we do every so often and we saw Silver Linings Playbook.’

I didn’t really know a thing about it, just what I had caught on the ads.

Anyway, it’s basically about a dude Pat (Bradley Cooper) just getting out of a mental hospital and staying with his parents.  He meets this chick Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence) and they start-up a friendship.  I’m not telling you anything more because you need to go out and see it.

Gonna say right off the bat – loved it!

The whole cast is really, really great. Bradley Cooper even steps us and does more than just look pretty – he really is pretty isn’t he, oh those eyes – righto enough said!  Robert De Niro in any role rocks but seeing him at his manic best – gold!  Even our own Jackie Weaver is in there (that’s what we do, we always say ‘our own blah blah blah).  She is fantastic – if you haven’t seen Animal Kingdom yet, do yourself a favour and get it out!  Jennifer Lawrence, well I had a little trouble with her and I’ll tell you why.

The last movie I saw her in was Hunger Games.  I didn’t jump on board and read the book but when I saw the movie, the gist of it is she is a teenager in a Lord of the Flies just for fun situation, kills other teenagers and comes out on top – basic scenario.  So in my head, she is still a teenager.  In this movie, she is a widower, sexaholic, straight talker, juiced up on meds crazy, cool chick.  And she does it really, really well.  She’s actually someone I would probably hang out with – she’d make me look good when I have those moments of not using my filter – they can be often one must say……

So anyway, it you are lucky enough to be able to still get out and see movies, do yourself a favour, this one is worth it.


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