You Are What You Eat!

So school has been back for a couple of weeks now.  Still settling into a routine – yeah right, routine??? All I know is that if we get out the door on time, it’s a good day.

The new tuck shop list came home today.   It’s changed a little (lot) from last year.  It seems that they are going the healthy angel more this year.  Now look, I am a fan of good eating but I also believe everything in moderation.  No coke for breakfast – yes I have seen this before, lollipops are not the best either – again, it was a treat to see this and hey, I know it’s hot in Summer but chocolate covered ice ice blocks, probably not your best option for breakfast, so one can only imagine what some lunch boxes have in them.  I guess this is why the tuck shop list has changed so much – to help out us dumb parents aye!

So lucky for us, they have a new system of pretty pictures and explanations cause us dumb parents couldn’t figure out that a sad face means this ain’t super good for you and you probably shouldn’t eat it all the time…… Anyway, they have put these pictures next to the food items:

And for us dumb parents they mean this:

Figure 1: Go ahead

Figure 2: Occasionally

Figure 3: Forget it

WTF – seriously I hear you ask, oh yes, yes, this is serious!  Guess what, any red on there, ah no – Forget it!  Well why put them on??????

And trying to decipher this new list, well we’re just dumb parents remember.

Firstly, the pictures are so small so it makes it hard for us dumb parents to understand what’s good and what’s not aye.  There’s aint no colour on it so come on, help us out aye!

Secondly, playwater, WTF is playwater?  And you’re only allowed that a couple of times because it’s got face number 2 on next to it!  After asking the children, they tell me it’s pretty much flat lemonade in a bottle – not blue though, cause there are also no blue items on the list – they have been banned!

Thirdly, Chicken nuggets and potato wedges – happy smiley face, ummmm not so much I would’ve assumed.  Oh hang on, it’s 100% chicken, we will just overlook the potato wedges.  Beef, chicken or fish burger, frowny face, not so good for you – must only be using 40% beef, chicken and fish in those.  Junior pie, cruizer pie (another WTF) potato topped pie – can only get these on a Friday cause guess what – frowny face, geez who would’ve thought that……..

Oh so much irony in this list.  Look, as I said, we is only dumb parents however, like our grand parents taught us (I can’t say parents cause maybe they is dumb to aye), everything in moderation – simple ain’t it!!


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