Sticks and Stones….

So how’s your house lately??  I gotta say,


And from what I hear, I’m not alone – thank God!!!!

Two boys, 19 months apart – who’s the crazy one.  Moomoo is 11 in a couple of weeks – touch and go but he got there.  Does that make him a pre-tween – wtf is a tween anyway?  Lately he’s been a bit more like a twerp!  Him and his brother don’t mind sending me right around the bend and back again and I know I’m not alone, even Mr Cruisey’s patience is getting tested.

Everything is my fault.  Examples:

‘You don’t know how to have fun!’ – It ain’t fun when you two are running around the house having a nerf war when I have asked you to have a shower – 4 TIMES.  Asking you to do anything 4 times all the time is not going to make me super fun to hang out with so deal with it and just bloody do it!

‘You’re so mean!’ – Um because I said no? Geez kid, ya hear it enough, you should be used to it!

‘I hate you!’ – there’s the kicker.  Can’t say it back either cause oh no, they don’t like to hear it but hey, bring it boys, throw it out there!  Nice one this one.

‘Go to hell’ – yep you heard it, got this one this week.  It just ‘slipped out and I’m really sorry (and he really was but I make him work it) and I didn’t mean to say it and blah blah blah’ – can’t believe he said it!

‘You’re the worst mother ever’ – Killer!

Sticks and Stones boys, sticks and stones but seriously, some things they say really hurt.  And then some things I say no doubt hurt them to so it’s a real catch 22 – yeah yeah, I’m the adult but honestly, how do you hold your shit together?  Drugs? Exercise? Drinking? Hiding?  What is the key cause I struggle, I really do. (Open to suggestions – not necessarily from Dawn…)

And then there’s the whole guilt trip thing.  Funny how a 9 (hopefully he makes the double digits) & 10 (almost 11) year old can do that to you.  They tell you it’s your fault and sometimes, the beat down times, it really does fell like it’s your fault.  And sometimes it is my fault.  I shouldn’t have said those things, they were mean so yes, I accept that.  But I’m pretty sure it ain’t always my fault dudes! Breathe, walk away – see it looks really easy hey! Huh!

And then there are the shining moments – the peaceful moments, the hanging out together, Moomoo still wanting to hold my hand.  The cuddles, snuggles and kisses.  The proud moments watching them just being great.  Watching them interacting with other humans, having an opinion, sticking up for other humans and animals, just being cool.

So I guess, for all the grief, the shining moments are the ones that keep this Parental Gig a pretty cool job.


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