Skiddies……. and more toilet humour…..

Skid marks!

What’s the go with Skid Marks?

When you go to the loo, turn and flush the loo, CAN YOU NOT SEE THAT YOU HAVE LEFT SKIDDIES IN THE BOWL?

Do you think that I go in there and go,

‘Oh sweet, the boys have left me a skiddie in the bowl! I can’t wait to clean that up’

Or it’s even better when they leave one in the downstairs loo and it’s been there for a couple of days.  During this time, the boys have probably used the toilet a couple more times, maybe used the skiddie as target practice, but thought, ah it’ll be right, Mum will sort that!

And hows about changing the toilet roll – what I hear you say, yes, changing the toilet roll.

Changing the toilet roll means actually taking the empty toilet roll off the toilet roll holder and putting the new toilet roll ON THE HOLDER – I know, it seems a bit scary but look, it’s ok.  Righto, let’s break it down:

Step 1 – Take the empty toilet roll off the holder.

Step 2 – Get the new toilet roll and place it on the holder.

Step 3 – And here’s the kicker – PUT THE EMPTY TOILET ROLL IN THE BIN!

  OK OK, I will admit, I did keep a few (quite a few) rolls because of my slight Pinterest addiction around Christmas time………

And now I leave you with this little funny…..


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It's Not Just Me Right? Coping with life, venting, ranting, raving, laughing and giggling along the way.
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