Kids and Sport….

So we all want out kids to play sport right?

But what is a good choice for them?

Lance Armstrong sure put the kibosh on cycling and decking yourself out in lycra – ah not a good look dude!

Andrew Johns proved that League players get the best ecstasy.

Ben Cousins – um where do I begin – that dude was (is?) a drug machine.

The London swim team proved that stillnox don’t necessarily improve your performance – sleeping pill or upper, I know which way I would’ve gone!

They tried a couple of seasons of soccer and did a season on rugby.  We asked if they wanted to do rugby again, they ummed and ahhed, we said do you love it, they said no and that sealed the deal, no rugby this year.

They do however love skateboarding – especially Moomoo.

We have found a ‘skateboarding school’ that operates every Sunday through skateboarding Australia.  They have different hub events all over the country.  For us, it’s 2 hours every Sunday we spend together as a family and its all FREE.  It is run by AIS approved coaches and it is a chance for everyone from toddlers to adults to get on a board and learn to skate.

At these hubs, I see older dudes take younger dudes under their wings and teach them how to skate.  They are sponsored professionals who are eager to help out the kids.  They learn everything from the parts of their skateboard to skate park etiquette.  They are able to be themselves, they are encouraged and they are guided.

Skateboarders are still somewhat frowned upon, still outcasts – all those young tackers (and you old dudes) doing ollies and such crazy things through the city and annoying people.  I mean lets compare them to the roadies – they shit me to tears.  You do not have the right of way because you are showing your nuts off in lycra!  If you do the wrong thing and take on my Land Cruiser, guess who is coming off second best.  Obey the road rules you tool! And don’t get all up in my face about it!

So like everything, there will always be some knobs that don’t play by the rules.  Finding a sport for your kids can be pretty hard, time-consuming and expensive.

I am grateful that the kids have found a sport that we can do as a family, is free and they enjoy.

I am proud to say that me kids are skateboarders and I am a skateboarding supporting Mum.

My little skateboarding family.


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