Term One Done and Dusted

Well they made it through the first term – just!

This year I decided to just hang back and not go up to the school to talk to the teachers during the term.  I thought I would see how they go, let them find their place and see what happens.

I will now be going up every week in term two!

Parent / teacher interviews happened.

I nearly cried.

This was a very strange sensation for me.

So here’s what’s happened.  Moomoo was struggling a bit during the term so I went to see his teacher.  We had a chat and I asked her if she had read his file and knew of  his issues (he was diagnosed with learning memory issues in Year 4 so I expect the teachers to read his file and know this – too much to ask?).

Answer:       No

Me:                Not super impressed.

OK it was only week 4 and I understand she is finding her way with the kids so I explained the diagnosis and asked to be kept in the loop blah blah blah

Fast forward to week 10 and it’s parent / teacher interview times.  Now I know that Moomoo is no angel (this is apparent through most of my blogs ain’t it?) and he did get in a bit of strife through the term for not listening, drawing a picture of a bum (hehehe – oops naughty Moomoo) and general chit chat.  Anyway, I’m sitting in the little chairs, at the little desk, there is a student teacher observing (yeah I had some issues with this too) and the teacher told me how Ryan just doesn’t listen, and talks to his mates and how his grades are pretty bad and then I just felt like crying.

I know my kid ain’t no angel I get it – I can work on his behaviour but as for the grades – we need some help!

For 6 years we’ve been told about Moomoos grades I get it but as I said to her – We need some help – what can you suggest?

Her suggestion – he needs to listen.  Hey Captain Obvious – thanks for that!

My suggestions – separate the kid from his mates, put him closer to you, break down the instructions a little more, give him some extra work, I will be coming up every week to check on his progress and maybe we can just communicate a little more – anything else?

To say that this wasn’t my favourite parent / teacher ever is a little understatement.

And now I leave you with this……

‘Gee I’m glad I’m not a racehorse’ – Moomoo said as we were driving past a race course.

and this makes me giggle every single time I see it!


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