Remember The Days of the Old School Yard?

I came across this (from a most fabulous source – it rocks!

Do you remember a teacher that made an impact in your school years?

I remember my Grade 6 teacher.  I was the new kid in school, I put on a horrendous Oscar worthy dramatic crying hissy fit on the first day – um embarrassing much? –  and Mrs Box calmed me down and went on to become one of my favourite teachers ever.  She was pretty strict actually, not all soft and fluffy but she had a really cool laugh.  I was in a composite class Year 6 & 7 mixed.  There were a few class clowns in it but Mrs Box took no prisoners but she also knew how to have fun.

And then I went to an all girls Catholic school.  I remember my Maths teacher Mrs Kastristios.  She had a long flowing mane and always had her nails done immaculately.  She seemed so glamorous to me and I love numbers so I found her so glamorously engaging – don’t get on the wrong side of her though – whoa, those nails could rip your throat out if need be.

The only other teachers I remember from there are the ones I wrote out lines for, a lots of lines, you know the ones that start out ‘I will not…….’ repeat 100 times – yep those ones.  And the nuns – don’t ask a nun if angels are really ghosts – off to the corner you go…..

Ya know what, I wish I cared about school when I was there.  I showed up, I didn’t excel at anything but I just didn’t care.  I was too busy being a naughty 14 yer old girl – doing all the naughty things and just waiting for the weekend.

My boys, being boys, aren’t a big fan of school.  Being that they are in primary school, the go but I don’t know how much impact it will have on them.  They talked about teachers but it’s the fun teachers or the mean teachers.  They like theirs but none are really making an impact on them.

I tell them that when they get to high school, find that one teacher.  That one teacher that you really dig.  That one teacher that you will remember when your older.  That one teacher that makes such an impact that you forget about any bad stuff at school and just remember the good.  The one you listen to.

And I hope with every fibre of my being that it happens.

At this stage in their life, it’s kinda more like this…….


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