Anxious Andy…



We got an anxious kid.  It sucks.

We have been to a ‘hippie doctor’ as Moomoo called her, I couldn’t stand her (ex drama student, over sharer turned psychologist??) however, Monkeyboy liked her and got a lot out of the sessions.

Anyway, his fears hold him back at times – ok a bit, a fair bit at times.  When he was playing rugby there were times he would get sick or not feel like it or any excuse will do.  At first we kinds went well righto, we know you’re kinda scared and nervous righto, lets just play half a game or something.  It became a bit of a mission and then we had to take the hard-line and tell him he is letting down the team blah blah blah – look it just sucked.  He’s not playing ruby this year – surprising hey!

Anyway, it has reared its ugly head again.  He has made it into districts for cross-country.  We’re super proud and he seemed cool about it but hes actually really shitting himself!  You see, Monkeyboy is similar to his Uncle Face.  Uncle Face is a natural at sport (OK look I’m pretty bloody good too – just putting it out there) and so is Monkeyboy.  What he is not good at is being in the spot light.  He doesn’t like the pressure.  He is scared he won’t do well.  See all these fears are the same fears we all have – for him, they are just amped up!

So being a good Mum, I went and saw his sports teacher – Mr Miller.  Mr Miller told me that he knows Monkeyboy is terrified (his words) and he got one of the older kids (who happens to be the long jump champion in his age group in Australia) to have a chat with him – conclusion, still terrified – but willing to give it a shot.  Mr Miller also told me that he reckons Monkeyboy will make it to the top 15, if not the top 10.  He said he was so impressed with Monkeyboy at the first training and he also said he will be a bright star in the future – stoked Mama!

I spent last night with Monkeyboy telling me that he has a sore stomach, can I take the day off work, I can’t train – Kaching! There is what it is all about!  I sat with him, I got to the root of the problem and we discussed what we are going to do.  Poor bugger is shit scared but as I said, he can’t let the team or himself down now that he is committed.  So now, Monkeyboy and I are going to train together and he seems, well happy.  He is going to run his 2k cross-country and he is going to be outstanding and Mr Cruisey and I are going to be there to cheer him on!

Pom poms too much?


Not Mr Cruisey!


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