It’s An Online World We Live In!

Holy shit balls! I just saw an ad on TV for Candy Crush – seriously!!!

It was an ad, for an Ap – seriously!!!!!

This is the way we are going isn’t it!!!

The world today is all about the smart phones. iPods, iTouches, HTC, Galaxy, Nokia – ok that was a swear word sorry, iPad, iPhone – i i apple, ya got the market!

Take a look around next time you’re in a public place.  How many people are on their phones?  Why bring a book or magazine – download it on your phone!  Keep up to date with whats going on in the news – in real-time – on Twitter.    Facebook, Instagram, Emails, Games – you name it, we can do it!  We can Download, we can Upload – the world is our oyster and guess what – I love it.  I reckon it rocks.

However…….. it is time consuming right?  How many of you lie in bed at night, getting set to read an actual book with paper and all and just quickly check your phone – take a quick peak at Facebook, Instagram, try and clear that bloody level you are stuck on in Candy Crush and then it leads to another level and then you are wide awak and you have fed your manic desire to Check That Bloody Phone – really, it’s not just me right?? Really?? Come on!

OK now that’s out there, I will leave you with this…..



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Shameless Promotion it may well be!!


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2 Responses to It’s An Online World We Live In!

  1. haha LOVE it and read via iPhone !!


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