On this day…2013….One Persons Trash Is Another Persons Treasure!

(That cupboard looks alright!)

Its council pick up time around our suburbs.  This occurs every couple of years.  Everyone puts out all their old broken shit that has been taking up space in the garage and the council comes along and takes it away – it’s bloody brilliant.  You get to avoid the rubbish tip runs, no need to hire a skip bin – just whack it out on the footpath to be collected.

Now, they say, one persons trash is another persons treasure and kerbside collections bring out the scabbers in full force.  It’s not actually illegal to pilfer through other people’s crap and take what you want.  What does shit me though, is when the scabbers come round and start pilfering as you are putting your stuff out.  Ah hello, manners folks.  If you are going to pilfer my stuff while I am still putting it out there, have the decency to say hello at least and don’t look at me as if to say ‘so that’s all you’ve got? Where’s all your good shit?’ – Oh you mean the non broken shit, yeah that’s inside my house and I am still using it as it’s not broken and being put into a rubbish pile cause well, it’s not actually rubbish, unlike this shit that I am putting out!

And where is the etiquette hey? If you are going to pilfer through my shit, don’t make a mess alright!  Take what you want but don’t throw shit everywhere!

There are some good things that are put out to so I understand why people go pilfering.  I wish I had the guts sometimes to go and get that table that was put out down the road – I would leave the stained couch and broken chairs and I wouldn’t make a mess but I just don’t have it in me.  Well I didn’t think I had it in me until I saw some pallets put out down the road.  I am after pallets for some projects I want to do and when I saw these in a pile, I had to beg Mr Cruisey to come and get them with me.  We were brave enough to do it during the day (unlike the night time scabbers – they shit me too).  As we pull up, Mr Cruisey tells me I owe him big time – yes babe I do – we start to move the big red couch that is on top and start loading up the pallets.  The whole time we are hoping the people aren’t in the house thinking ‘look at those scabbers’ (yes, yes, cause that’s what I do – the irony is not lost on me!).  We’re trying to be all stealth like and get the hell out of there.  We load up, we put the pile back neatly and off we go triumphant – well I feel triumphant, not sure if I can say that Mr Cruisey felt that way – I’ve got my pallets and I can start my next projects!

So the moral is this:

If you are going to go scabbing don’t spread the shit everywhere – take what you want and off you go – Leave the rubbish pile in some sort of order.

A safety vest doesn’t trick us, we know you don’t work for the council.

Don’t block the bloody road with your trailers – I need to get to work – move folks – I know, I know, there is some good gear there but please, let me past – NOW!

And of course, One Persons Trash Is Another Persons Treasure!

*** Let it be known that I am a huge fan of recycling alright! And I do love a good find so if I have offended anyone, well too bad, it’s my blog (thanks for reading though x) ***

and one more I couldn’t resist….


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