Nits, Nits, Nits!!!

I did this post 3 years ago. Now the child is a teen….sad guess what….they’re back!

So how was your day?  Anyone got cooties at your house?  Yeah well, probably had a better day than me!    I just googled the myths about nits – here they are:

    1. Lice can jump.
    2. You are more likely to get head lice if your hair is dirty, you have bad personal hygiene habits or if your home is untidy.
    3. An itchy head means your child most likely has head lice.
    4. Head lice prefer long hair.
    5. You can get head lice from pets (and vice versa).
    6. Head lice carry and transmit diseases.
    7. To kill the lice, you must stuff all your child’s belongings in plastic bags, and put them in a freezer or leave them in the bags for several weeks.
    8. Kids are most likely to get head lice in school.
    9. Head lice are extremely contagious and children who are diagnosed with head lice should be isolated until all the nits are gone
    10. Natural alternative treatments for head lice are always safe and effective for kids.

All myths hey – yeah well, we know that but guess what – it’s bloody nits!  Of course I was thinking that the boys are dirty little buggers – eewww – cooties!

Did the phone call to the school, emailed the teachers and now I know there will be a note coming home tomorrow and my kid will be the cause of it – dirty little buggers!

Lucky for us, it’s only been the second round that we’ve had here.  This is how my house looked today:


photo (5)photo (6)photo (7)photo (2) photo (3)photo (4)  


And it’ll be the same in about 7 days time…. Ah the joys of cooties….


Been there, done that??

What’s your best solution????


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