Caesarean Babies Are Gonna Be Fat Kids!

(No way could I put a fat kid picture in here – the internet is cruel!)

Came across this gem today:

Must be the truth hey, it’s on ninemsn!!!

Where oh where do I start……..

Firstly, who paid the kid to star in this ad hey?  I hope he got a packet for being the token fat kid – was he born by caesar?

I’ve had 2 Caesars.  Moomoo decided that after a 36 hour labour, he didn’t really want to come out – hence, emergency caesar took place.

Monkeyboy decided that he like jumping on my bladder the whole pregnancy and was breach and after 36 hours prior, well let just say that yes, I did elect for a caesar second time round (judge me, dare ya)

They were both boombala’s as babies – bonny boys they would have been called in the day – little buddhas we called them.  We got the usual comments like ‘at least they when they’re sick they have some reserves’ blah blah blah.  Look, I like seeing a little porka baby – porka means healthy.

And guess what, they grew out of it to.  The boys are trim, fit and healthy and as shocking as this may be, wait for it, I think we can contribute that to them having a decent diet and a fit and active childhood – they ya go, I know it was shocking.

Caesars are a part of everyday life.  Women have them for all sorts of different reasons.  Having gone through the healing time of a caesar, don’t know if I would recommend it by hey, do what you gotta do!  Why do we need Mothers to feel more inadequate for having a caesar?  I mean, 500 years ago, I probably would’ve died giving birth.

So to wrap it up, let’s not blame the caesar for fat kids.  Lets look at their life styles – I know, hard to fathom but give it a chance.  Whilst our boys are no angles when it comes to junk food, it is a pretty well-balanced diet coupled with being active that keeps them pretty healthy.  Stop making Mothers feel more inadequate than they already do for a change.  Hows about spending the money and educating people on choosing a more healthy lifestyle and putting more money into kids sports and crazy things like that! (Note: Sarcasm here)

Because this Granny rocks!


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2 Responses to Caesarean Babies Are Gonna Be Fat Kids!

  1. I’d love to get a grant to do a useless study – sign me up I say! (Mine are trim too)


  2. Both of my kidlets are caesars and they’re pretty damn trim.


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