Wanna Play? Sign Away

I just came across this piece of gold –  http://www.mamamia.com.au/parenting/play-date-contracts/

I think its hilarious.  Even as I type this, I am smirking – I don’t really know why cause it’s pretty sad.

Right now, Monkeyboy is at his mates place having a sleep over.  He has been out all day with this mate and 4 other kids – Mother B, you are either crazy, drunk or a bloody genius.  I’m going option 3.  4 kids, keeping each other occupied, having fun, being outdoors doing kid stuff.  Lucky for me, I didn’t have to sign a contract for the play date.  Mother B even mentioned that she will be getting beverages on the way home – see, bloody genius!

Anyway, I get off topic.  This ‘contract’ is crazy isn’t it?  Well apparently not according to the comments.  Mostly the comments are saying that they understand where the parents are coming from – really?  They are saying that it sounds like their house was getting over run by the neighbourhood kids – hey yo, here’s and idea – Hows about you say NO!  To let it get to a point where you need to draw up a contract for your kids mates well maybe you should’ve sorted something sooner.  It’s crazy I say, bloody crazy.

So, give it a read and let me know what you think – is it just me, or it this just a little extreme?

Adult play dates – What sort of contract would you need for this one!


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