It’s Game On!

State of Origin was on this week….

This is the game that divides states – Queensland vs New South Wales.  It’s a yearly 3 game match and Queensland has won for the past 7 years and this game, being the last in the 3 game series is the decider!!!  I know, you’re probably sitting on the edge of your seat to – lots of people are (me, not so much) It’s huge I tell ya – there will be yelling in the streets it’s that important! (Peeps, just a game)

Mr Cruisey and his brothers are all here.  Moomoo, Monkeyboy and Neecee are watching it to.  There seems to be a lot of yelling going on.  Now this is where I need to be clear.  Mr Cruisey and the Uncles are not really sporty dudes.  Well they like Mountain biking and such things but not really full blown jock sports.  They don’t really know the names of all the so I am hearing a fair bit of ‘get the big dude’ hey heads up boys, they’re all big dudes, that’s why they are playing at state level.  I’m hearing the cracking of beer bottle and a lot of laughter.  You see, when these 3 get together, there is always shenanigans.

I asked the boys if they know the rules:

Uncles:       ‘Yeah (in unison) – sure boys, just didn’t sound super confident then!

Mr Cruisey:     ‘I don’t, ya just gotta get that ball to the other end’ says he (and this is why I love him!)

And then it gets exciting – I look up and there it is – A Streaker!!!

A Goddam Streaker!!!!

Oh no, the streaker got in the way, it cost Queensland a try!  Oh no, maybe NSW would’ve won if old mate kept his kit on and stayed in his seat – REALLY PEOPLE ??? Did you not find that exciting!!!! Look at all the boys in blue oh no a security guard just hit the deck – or did he get knocked to the ground by old mates dangly bits? Poor buggers would’ve copped an eye full when he fell over – aint no way to fall over graciously when you’re starkers!  Oh no, don’t wiggle around when they’re trying to restrain you – to many jiggly bits could get in the way.  Geez, old mate should get a spray tan contract at least out of this – most tanned bum I’ve seen in ages!! And dude, if you’re gonna streak cause surely this would be a pre-planned thing, a few sit ups and maybe less beers and pies wouldn’t have hurt – just saying dude, it you’re going to go to the trouble of getting a spray tan, tone up dude.  And they finally get a blanket over him and cart him off – thanks for the entertainment old mate!

So for another year, the big game is done.  Queensland won – 8 in a row now and old mate got his bum out.  Until next year….

Did security get danger money?


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2 Responses to It’s Game On!

  1. Cause it was hilarious ! Ok not so much for the players and stuff but a funny bum run , come on, that’s funny …..


  2. Bec says:

    I’ve seen it toooooo many times. Monkey boy n mates couldn’t get home fast enough on Fri arvo to watch replay after replay after replay!!!


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