Diet – The Other Four Letter Word…

SSSooooo much talk about diets isn’t there.

It’s enough to make you feel even more insecure.  I’ll admit, I struggle to lose the last 5kg – I still call it baby fat but to be honest, I don’t bum myself out about it.  Sure, some days I feel more crappy than the others but I am the fittest I have ever been in my life and I will actually lose those last 5kgs – I just need to commit to it – every, single week I commit to it, and then something happens, then I re commit…. you see the pattern here right??

And there are so many diets around that I can’t get my head around them.  Eat this, don’t eat this, this is good for you, no its bad for you – bloody hell – what to do???

So as far as I can figure, it’s something like this –

Do the Paleo diet and eat like a caveman – lots of meat, eggs, plants… you can have nuts, but not grains and seeds because they’re new or bad for you or something so it’s kind of like the Atkins diet – all meat, eggs protein and stuff but now there is the New Atkins where you can have grains, nuts and seeds so its kinda like the Paleo with nuts or seeds or well something like that.

Or you could order your food online and they will drop it to you.  It’s all calorie counted and labelled and idiot proof, a no brainer just a drainer on your pocket.

Then there’s the raw diets, only eating raw food – fresh, uncooked raw food – think sashimi or carpaccio or raw eggs and try not to have a little vommie in your mouth….. maybe that’s the key?

Then there’s the no sugar, no carbs, no fun diets.  The juice only diets.  The soup diet, the Cabbage diet, the miracle diet – so many diets!!!!!!!!!!!!

And with so many diets out there, you kinda have to wonder……….. do you think maybe we should just eat a variety of foods and I don’t know, I’m just putting it out there….. exercise a little more than like never???  Maybe we should stop listening to the sales angles or looking at those images that put doubt in our minds, get up, eat well, move a little and some days just say ‘fuck it, I reckon I am alright!’

Alternately, try this…


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2 Responses to Diet – The Other Four Letter Word…

  1. At first I only had the last 5 baby pounds to lose. Then I had another kid and it was the last 10 baby pounds.Then I went to work and baby grew to 25 pounds. I still can’t bring myself to jump on the ‘diet’ wagon. It’s the sitting that’s killing me – clearly exercise is the way to go here!


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