Everyone Has An Opinion!

Disclaimer:  This is not directed at teachers.  I have the utmost respect for these crazy people who actually want to sit with 25 – 30 children a day and enjoy it.  The system however is flawed, very very flawed!

I did a post a little while ago about ADD – well specifically, Moomoos teacher asking me if we had ever considered the maybe Moomoo has ADD – insert super happy face – NOT.

So, we have started round 1 of the tests.  We’ve been to the GP, we have a GP Plan in place.  We have just been to an Audiologist to get his Central Auditory Processing checked and guess what – passed with flying colours.  Everything within or above normal range.  So, relief right?  Well yeah…kinda.

Armed with the report, I head up to see his teacher.  Of course I went with a positive attitude, all smiles ready for a nice chat (translation: defences high, emotional and ready for battle).  I really like Moomoos teacher and appreciate her help and hopefully, we can work together to get him the help he needs – oops, that’s in bizarro world!  She tells me that she is already doing all of the strategies, she doesn’t know what else she can do (boosting my confidence lady!), she can pass the report on to the school and maybe he can get extra support – ker ching!  There is it – that’s what’s needed – yes he does need extra support but guess what, he may not get it!


Oh because he is not in the super high needs group.  What the fuck – yep, great system.  Unless you fall into the super high needs, the system can’t help you. You can get D’s and E’s but nope, no support for you – fuck you system!

So, as a parent, how do we have faith in the system.  As a teacher, how do you have faith in the system.  They have a classroom with special needs kids, below average kids and everyone else in between.  Teachers need support form the very system that they are trying to teach within – hmm, seems a little on the fucked up side to me!

So as the parents, we are now listening to our GP and getting a few other tests done under our GP plan and going with the process of elimination.  I don’t think he is in the ADD category at all however, as a parent, we are going to do the best thing we can for our kid, get as much help and advice as we can along the way and just get this kid through our floored, fucked up system.

And if I hear back from the school that he can’t get any extra support well…..

I shall now go and tackle and extra large pile of washing and do battle with the vacuum cleaner to take out my frustrations…….


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