The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

As per the previous post, yes, we have moved into a groovy new pad.  We really love it here.  Mr Cruisey has found his artistic groove, we are back to having regular dinner parties, the kids are out and about more with lots of friends coming and going, the Moose is getting walked more, Dame Esmerelda ‘owns it’, it’s just a great lifestyle change for us.  But along with the good, comes the bad and the ugly.

The bad – well look there’s not really much to be honest.  It’s a bit more coin to be here but for the lifestyle change we didn’t mind paying more coin because ultimately, our lives are better off.

The ugly – well bloody Anxious Andy has reared his ugly arse again.  Whether it is in relation to moving or just a trigger, we don’t know but Monkeyboy is doing the battle again with Anxious Andy.  It’s weird though, he is quite happy to be out and about and hang with his mates.  He will go off to the skate park, go riding around the streets and just generally hang out with Moomoo and his mates but then he has these full on panic attacks.  They seemed to escalate towards the end of the holidays and the first week of school has been pretty rough.  People have asked ‘what is he anxious about’, or ‘what’s happening at school’ ah hello, if we knew what it was, we’d sort it right?  Well, we are now in the process of sorting it. We have a care plan in place now with our doctor and are just about to go and see a hippy doctor (Moomoos term for psychologists). I was filling out the forms and bloody hell, the questions about pregnancy and birth kinda make you feel like crap right – is all this due to him being a breach baby and having a caesarean and also, he wasn’t a breast-fed baby – did this contribute to his anxieties as well – bloody filling out this form is causing me a lot of anxieties!!! Anywho, forms filled out, first appointment done and he has…….. Panic Disorder (hey cool name for a band)  Anyway, Monkeyboy, Mr Cruisey and I really liked the hippy doctor and we are relieved to have a diagnosis and now the therapy begins…… and possibly the drinking……

So, we got Monkeyboy going to a hippy doctor and Moomoo’s teacher saying ‘he may benefit from medication’ (ah fuck you lady, the health professionals beg to differ) but at least we got a cool new pad to do it all in!


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