Winners Are Grinners

Just heard a great story on the news, some schools are banning games at school like tiggy and handball because we have a bunch of sooks as kids that can’t cope with losing.  That’s right, they can’t cope with losing…..

Seriously, really?? Yup, bunch of sooks!

Man, when we were growing up, if we lost (yes brother, this is directed at you), we would get teased, sometimes to the point of tears ( yes brother, this is directed at you) but geez, didn’t ya get up and try to beat them next time!! Seriously, banning games!

And the ‘fun police’ instigating this are….wait for it……. you’ll be surprised I’m sure………are…..

Over protective parents from smaller families

Yeah big shock there!

So, here is the article in The Australian:

One point I agree with in here is that teachers should not have to spend their time sorting out the kids that can’t cope with playing – no, that’s the parents job isn’t it?  OK, to a degree of course teachers are there to sort out squabbles but really, we as parents should be equipping out kids with coping mechanisms, correct?  Just think over protective parent, what happens when Little Johnny is in the real world – how long will you be holding his hand?  When the boys were playing soccer, I overheard a Dad saying ‘no, we don’t do best and fairest or best player anymore’ yeah, what they did do was ‘thanks for showing up, you didn’t do much all season but hey, ya made up numbers’ – that’s not fair on the other Little Johnny’s that did really well that season now is it.  I wonder if this is the reason that some sporting clubs numbers are down??

Anyway, how about we toughen the kids up, if Little Johnny gets upset because he loses in handball well, too bad, move on kid, get over it cause really, there’s probably gonna be some situations later in life that made require you to harden up.


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3 Responses to Winners Are Grinners

  1. You really have to wonder what life is coming to.


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