Halloween is Un Australian

Yep that’s right, Halloween is Un Australian!

This is a page I have come across on Facebook.  It’s ‘mission statement’ is

‘To encourage people to think why they might ‘celebrate’ Halloween rather than mindlessly copy others just because it’s popular’.

This pages first post, was on 31/10/2009. It said:

‘Join us to rid Australia of this trashy American past time’.

Post 1 – stirred the pot. It then goes dark (hey must have been popular hey!) until 2012 when there are a few more posts and nasty comments, it then goes dark and popped up last Tuesday. It does everything it set out to do except ‘encourage people to think’!

I think it should be renamed:

‘Australia is full of small-minded rednecks not the multi cultural country we say we are’

or is that too long? Ok, maybe it should be called:

‘Look I’m not really into Halloween and don’t get it but I am going to make a page and possibly stir some shit up’?

To long again? Or maybe it should be called:

‘Hey Halloween is not my thing, don’t come around to my place cause I think you are all stupid for following an ‘American Tradition’

Ooops, hang on. Is it an American Tradition? This is what we like to say isn’t it – blame the bloody Yanks! Oh wait, hang on, I’m pretty sure if we trace the origins of All Hallows Eve, it ain’t the Yanks that started it. Just because Americans celebrate it big time by dressing themselves and their houses up, having pre Halloween week-long celebrations and….wait for it….. maybe perhaps, bring the community together for just one night and we call it an American tradition – Its Un Australian!

Hey dude, my family and I are off to be Un Australian.  We are going to dress up, hit the streets, see some other like-minded folks out there and maybe, wait for it….. have a good time for a couple of hours.  Oh and heads up, I’m running low on Weet Bix so I hope I come across your house!

And this one is just funny!!!


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It's Not Just Me Right? Coping with life, venting, ranting, raving, laughing and giggling along the way.
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