Controversial Dad! or Hero?

Oh boy oh boy oh boy.

Isn’t this dude copping a lot of flack!

Take a look…

If you google this, you can find it has gone viral – there are opinions all across the globe about the right and wrong of this clip – and it’s not the first time this dude has caused controversy – if you google him, there’s all sorts of stuff.

Anyway, as I was saying, controversial this clip.  You shouldn’t be throwing your kid around like this and saying stuff like:

 “There are a lot of different moves you can do to kick a baby’s ass.”

Um, should I be laughing at this cause really, I think the whole thing is a bit funny – come on, really, it’s funny.

Dads have a different way of hanging out with their offspring. Example:

Now you can’t tell me that there isn’t a Dad out there that hasn’t done this. And when they get together with their mates….

(I think this is gold bahahahahaha – should I be laughing…)

Here’s an example of why Dads a way better at it too!

And then those celebrities that put their children in harms way….

Too Far?

So back to the original point.  Seeing Dads play with their babies and children, taking time out to be a parent should be celebrated.  I know there were times when Mr Cruisey would toss Moomoo and Monkeyboy in the air (I would turn away sometimes), he would play wrestle with them as babies (and still does) and they have a happy healthy relationship with their Dad, their hero!

So when you see Dad’s hanging out with their kids, as crazy and noisy and scary (in Mums eyes) as it seems, remember, don’t judge it, celebrate it cause every kid needs their hero!


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