A Blog A Day Keeps The Stress Away

It’s the 1st of December.  The first day of Summer (I love Summer except for bum crack sweat, that’s the worst!) and to celebrate, I’m gonna set myself a little goal and…….. do a blog a day.  I really like to blog (and the fact that you people read it is a bonus), it helps me ‘get it out there’ some days, release and all that.  Now some of the blogs may be small, some may be large rants. You will see photos of the crazy cats (gots me a new camera I do!), the lover (and his art), The Moose, Dame Esmerelda and just well stuff so, let’s get this shindig underway.

Here’s whats been happening over this way lately:


(Smile boys)

The Crazy Cats: They have 2 weeks of school left and then it’s hellidays – I have time off with them and to be honest, can’t wait – I shall look back on this and think WTF why did I say that I’m sure!  They have been fighting, hugging, talking, yelling, best friends, enemies, brothers and overall cool human beings.

The Lover: Mr Cruisey has been doing lots and lots of drawing.  The move to this house has been fantastic because his artistic side is rearing its beautiful head again.  Here are some examples:

img035 img036 img031  img027 img028 img025

How brilliant are those! And you can follow him on Face book and Instagram at:

Jurgen Emrich Art.

(and he is donating profits from the above Inktober series to Project 24 – love him)

Me: Work has slowed down somewhat.  I have had some fantastic Brides and Grooms get married at work.  I have been active in charity work with Project 24 – go take a look at them.  The soul sister just moved to Melbourne – major impact on life.  I have been stressed, sad, happy, angry, grateful, peaceful, hormonal – just myself.

Dame Esmerelda and The Moose: Still frenemies.


(The Dame patrols the front)


(The Moose sits on his Throne at the back)

So, goal is set and I hope you hang around for the trip!


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It's Not Just Me Right? Coping with life, venting, ranting, raving, laughing and giggling along the way.
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