Dearest Face book, I Love You!

I love Face book.  I wasn’t into it when all the cool kids were and yes, I bagged it and then well, I did it, I got on it.  And I even did it before I saw The Social Network and if I wasn’t on it before that, well, I would’ve jumped on it then and there!  I waste spend a fair bit of time on it.  I use it for stalking ‘research’ and catching up.  I have connected with so many people I had lost contact with and I am really happy to be able to see what they are up to – a friend request kinda excites me – unless you’re a dick, then you are denied!  So so so many things to look at.  So so so many laughs to have.  So so so many ways to make you feel both better and worse about yourself.  Taking it with a grain of salt is the best way to go don’t you think?

Tell me if any of these are familiar

1: Sarcastic, funny pages (Surprising I know!)

I love them, LOVE THEM!  And I think everyone needs to see them therefore I SHARE THEM! Don’t like it – defriend me (care factor – zip!)  Silly animal pics, outright rude stuff, boys doing stupid things, anything – I think they are gold – wanna see my most ever ever guaranteed you will pee yourself laughing favourite in the whole world – here it is:

I know, you’re still laughing – thank me later

2: Pretty food pics/ craft pics all those pretty things with ‘how to’ recipes

Come on!  I am never going to do these recipes but I ‘like’ them with high hopes that one day I might do them (yep, and I Pinterest them too)

3: Selfies

We all got that 1 person who loves the selfies – me exercising, me cooking, me out and about – stop it, stop it now yet I think, how do they do those selfies so well?  Me, I do the selfie and mess it up – every single time, I am so bad at taking the selfie that I just refuse to do it!

4: The Stalk:

Come on, we all do it.  We look at the old school friends and think, ‘oh love, the years weren’t kind were they (secretly thinking sucked in, you sucked anyway (or it that just me?)) The Ex – stalk that shit and secretly hope their life turned to crap (he deserved it, he sucked to (or is that just me?))

5: Candy Bloody Crush:

This I could’ve done without but my addictive personality loves it! Loves It! Although I have played it until I got a migraine, I can now, stop it …for a while…..and then…… damn you!

6: Stupid games requests (Candy Crush excluded of course)

So so so many games out there – where does one find the time????

And yet, with all this silliness associated with Face book, and for all the haters out there, there is no denying that it is connecting people, it is promoting yourself and your business, it is sharing your photos and your life and it also should be respected as such.  Whatever you put on there, is out there forever, so for all the good it can do, being cautious is still number one, but hey, have fun!

There’s a lesson in there kids!


About itsnotjustmeright

It's Not Just Me Right? Coping with life, venting, ranting, raving, laughing and giggling along the way.
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2 Responses to Dearest Face book, I Love You!

  1. susan says:

    Loving your ‘Blog a Day’ its my advent calendar without the calories!!!


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