The Om of it – Part 2

I wrote a post way back when about Yoga called The Om Of It (you can read it below this post) and realizing the benefits of Yoga.  Well I gave a new style a whirl, it’s hot Yoga and well, fark me – it’s full on.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed it – ok well, um, I was enjoying it and then I had one of those ‘nah, really didn’t enjoy that’ type of class – Hot Yoga, we are done…

See here’s the deal, it’s a different type of Yoga than I am used to – not much downward dog going on, more twist like the bejesus going on, and the instructors talk you through it but they are full on!  They talk quick and loud and it’s all go go go and then there’s the heat, oh the heat.  Look, I’m a sweater, runs in the family (yeah, jealous much?) so after the first few breathing exercises the sweats start happening.  They continue all through class and to be honest, I don’t mind the sweats – I don’t know if the rest of the class appreciates the beer sweats that may or may not have come from my direction, but sweating is cleansing right?  Cleansing and slippery, super slippery especially when you’re trying to get into poses crossing your legs and they keep slipping.  Or when it is time to lie down and relax and sweat drips in your ears and other places sweat shouldn’t be – gee I’m talking it up aren’t I?

So, Hot Yoga and I probably won’t hang out again.  It was fun for a while but when it becomes a chore, well, time to move on isn’t it?

Now for the original post, please enjoy


The Om Of It

Chill Pill, Mood Pill, Rescue Remedy – the list goes on.  These are a few of the thing’s I’ve tried to release the stress and get through the day.  Exercise, food, drinking are some other remedies, although I generally stick to these ones.

Chill Pills – These are a natural calming blend of  Rhodiola and Hops blah blah blah blah blah – relives stress, reduce the effects of mild anxiety blah blah blah bluh improve stamina and endurance – take 1 a day or 2 if needed – yep 2 straight up thanks – these are the ones for me!  Well they did what the bottle said, well I think they did, well actually I’m not sure – can I take more, what about if my stress levels rise – can you overdose on Chill???? Freak Out!

Mood Plus – Scientifically formulated to help give a positive mood boost blah blah blah blah ame ingrdients as above plus a few more blah blah blah – take 1 tablet twice a day, 30 minutes before food – hmm what if I forget, can I take one just before I eat – do I need to wait 30 minutes then – what if it’s a hot meal – geez man this is stressful!!!!! Freak Out!

Rescue Remedy – Righto Dr Bach – you’ve been around the longest – it’s made of flowers – I love flowers – this is all good!  People worldwide know this gear so it must be the one! Hmmmm I think I was looking for that Dr Feelgood I  have encountered a few times in my past….Flowers aside Dr, this one, like the others don’t seem to be doing it for me.

Now I have decided to try an age old remedy that I know is the goods – physical, mental, spiritual discipline….bliss – well for an hour at least for 5 weeks…  the boys bought me (after I had enrolled myself and told them what to do) 5 weeks of Yoga and a Yoga kit.

I am now up to week 3 and loving it.  I especially love the meditation at the end of the le sson however, I am not sure if the rest of the class enjoys my snoring – in my defence, I do wake myself up snoring!  And like Mr Cruisey said, ‘at least you didn’t fart’ (see farts are funny at any age!).

Tonight I left class completely relaxed right up until I got about a block from home and Nissan Man was on the road.  I could feel them Om slipping out of me as Nissan man kept braking in front of me in the middle of the road – hello – your brakes work now get a move on!  So I get home, deep breathe, let it pass, all Om again.  That was right up until I walk upstairs and see the dishes still in the sink and realise I still have to hang out a load of washing, put the next one on oh the list goes on and on and the Om keeps slipping away…..

So all the pills and sprays aside, apparently breathing and stretching is the key to a bit of inward bliss – huh ironic isn’t it that the most simple thing in the world to do is sometimes the hardest thing to find time to do.



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