Re-birthing – Cause Once Ain’t Enough?


Women are choosing to re-birth their babies because they had a traumatic experience during birth and feel like they didn’t bond with thier baby.  So jumping into a bath tub in your swimmers should do it – wankers!

So, 40% of women didn’t bond with there babies immediately after birth.  Hey guess what, I’m one of those – well kinda.

I had an exhausting first round!  I was in labour for 36 hours – yep, 36 long hours.  Took 1 trip to the hospital, not dilated enough, off ya go.  By 10.00pm that night, I was back at the hospital and I wasn’t going anywhere man – give me that pethadine….sweet bliss.  I laboured for another oh I don’t know, I lost track of time but it was like forever and then they tell me – oh, it looks like you can’t dilate enough you need an emergency caesarian!  Oh yippee – whatever, just get this sorted!

At 9.00am the next morning, Moomoo was born by emergency caesarian.  As it was a long labour, Moomoo spiked a temperature inutero and had to go the Special Care Unit.  Being drugged up and exhausted, I was aware what was going on and I had him with me until I got to the ward (well I think I did…) and then I’m pretty sure that I passed out.  When I awoke the next morning and there was no Moomoo with me, I kinda had a little freak out and I felt like a bit of a failure not having the ‘right’ birth and all that.  Anyway, I’m not going to dwell on that, but to say I didn’t bond with my baby straight away is well, probably correct but well not really.

Even though it was a traumatic birth and he was in Special Care for the first 2 days, that’s just the way things turned out.  Geez, a couple of hundred years ago and we both wouldn’t have been here so really, traumatic or not, be bloody grateful I reckon.

And as for this re-birthing nonsense, NO FUCKING THANK YOU!


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