Another School Year Bites The Dust!

Well, they made it!  Another school year done and dusted! Phew, twas a bit touch and go at times let me tell ya.

They got their class placement and report cards…….. The dreaded report card…..Well to be honest, they weren’t too bad at all.  No surprises that’s for sure and Mr Cruisey and I are just happy that they tried their best and didn’t get too stressed about their results.  We have had tears in the past and it’s horrible so since then, we just really let them know that we are proud of them and their efforts.  They are both happy with their class placements so fingers crossed it’s a good year next year!  As for which kids are in their classes, well look, I know a couple and they can tell me a couple of other names that I’ve heard in the past but seriously, I wouldn’t have a clue who they are with.  It’s like when you see someone and you kinda recognize them and you hope it wasn’t that person that you were solving the world dilemmas with while undertaking a decent sized drinking session and telling them that ‘yeah, we should do this again’ – you know, kinda familiar but not.  Thank god for school photos hey!

With the end of school comes the bringing home of the crap from their desks – and what an assortment of crap there is.  You know how there are kids that give out Christmas cards to everyone in their class, yeah, mine don’t.  And judging by the state that they are in when I empty their bags, they don’t really love them either. Rude yes, boys definitely!  And the lunchbox.  The end of the year heralds the end of the lunch box – or so I thought.  They spent time putting stickers all over said lunchbox so it shall be making a re-appearance next year – super.

And after finding various treasures in the bags aka rubbish, comes the books, the pencil cases, the scissors, the glue – with no glue left, the erasers or more accurately, bits of erasers – why, why is there a need to bring them home?  And the random pencils, pens, bits of paper – why boys, why does every little thing need to come home?  Do you like our bin better than the school bin cause that’s where it’s going!

So I have checked the report card, looked at the class placement, found notes from last month, found a years worth of receipts for school fees (yeah, could’ve done with these sooner), thankfully found no food, tossed some crap in the bin and put the rest of the books and crap on their book shelf to look at the week prior to school returning next year and panicking because I have to get their books to start school…. hmmm better get on to that sooner rather than later……..but at least they made it – until the next year….

Happy Helliday y’all!



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