No Need To Say Sorry – Cup of Water Instead?

I had a different post in mind today, then I came across this – and it’s made me mad as hell!

‘The Australian has reported that childcare educators are debating the value of children saying ‘sorry’ – with calls for the word to be dumped as children don’t know what it means.’

Excuse me but WTF? Really?  I think that if your child doesn’t know what ‘sorry’ means, you ain’t doing your job at home peeps.  I believer good manners are essential.  I believe that when you are teaching a child good manners, you would have half a clue to teach them why good manners are essential and what exactly they mean.  You are correct in assuming that possibly a 3 or 4 year old may not know the complete meaning of sorry but they should at  least have the chance to be taught what it means right?

“I understand that parents and some educators might want children to say ‘sorry’ because they see it as being good manners,” Ms McCarthy said. “I believe that teaching children empathy for others and understanding about how your actions affect other people offers children far greater opportunities for learning than just saying sorry.

“At our centre, when a child accidentally or otherwise hurts another child, we might ask them if they would like to help the hurt child in some way, like getting them a tissue or cup of water.”

Would you like a cup of water??? No I don’t want a cup of water, I want an apology, an acknowledgment that you did something wrong, throw in some empathy and we are square.  Oh what’s that – you don’t know what empathy is, well once you understand the meaning of sorry, you will learn a bit more empathy and acknowledge that saying sorry helps you understand and feel empathy – oh hang on, no no, that’s way too far out – that would mean you are learning  something so we better cut that shit out now so hey, no need to say sorry cause you won’t do that again right – yeah, lets go with that cup of water…..

“The evidence shows that forcing an apology could make children feel that they are not capable of working it out for themselves and keeps them reliant on adults.”

Hmm really?  Forcing an apology – if you need to force an apology, maybe you should think about a punishment of something (cup of water anyone?) – maybe that might get the child to understand the meaning of sorry? No?

Seriously, is this what the world is coming to – children not having to be accountable for their actions?

“A quick quiz of parents at a Sunday afternoon BBQ –and I found most agreed with Andrew Greenfield. They wanted their child to take ownership of their actions.”

And there it is peeps.  There’s the kicker – maybe parents are doing something right in teacing their kids manners – I know, it’s crazy and far out right?  But I can tell you this, if my Child Care Centre was telling my kid they don’t need to say sorry, I’d be telling my Child Care Centre, they don’t need my fees!


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4 Responses to No Need To Say Sorry – Cup of Water Instead?

  1. Michelle (aka Aunty) says:

    From someone who has educated young children for 16 years I agree with you Sis. Yes their understanding may not be there yet but thats how they learn!! Yay for Parents who teach their child manners, as Mum used to say – manners get you everywhere in life!


  2. OMG. No joke. People are idiots sometimes!


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