A Trip Down Memory Lane

One thing I love to do when I come to Dawns is go through the photo albums.  So many memories.  She has an album for each kid – ok well, Moomoo has more because well you know how it goes, baby number 2 well……

Anyway, I came across the first photos straight after delivery.  Similar to a birth plan, the first photo of Mother and baby should be a Kodak moment – one for the wall – one that captures those joyous first moments – well piss right off.  This is what 36 plus hours of labour, pethidine, an epidural, an emergency Caesarian and morphine look like:



Look at it.  Mr Cruisey is all Dr Nick from The Simpsons.  I’m all bloated and somewhat delusional and extremely drugged up and tired!  Birth Plan – yeah piss right off.

And then to top that off, as if that wasn’t enough, you go back for more right?  You know all that oh you forget the pain of birth – yeah until you see photo’s like this and thing WTF was I thinking (happy little morphine thoughts is what I was thinking)?

With Monkeyboy, well, he decided that he liked it so much in there that he started treating my insides as his own little playground complete with monkey bars – he was breach wasn’t he so in we go again for a Caesarian.  We did learn a thing or two from Moomoo so his first photo is not as bad (ok, I’m not actually sure if we have a first photo – remember that baby number 2 thingy).


A little less bloated from the morphine but not looking like Princess Kate at all right?

Yeah, it’s weird ain’t it.  Going through all that pain and messiness, the healing time is a bitch but thankfully, we have these beautiful pictures as reminders of what we endured and better still, we have some crackers for the 21st!!!!


Wake up Bro – it’s party time!


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