Where Do The Children Play

Well, it’s hellidays….6 long weeks of hellidays……

The boys have a little skate posse they hang with and today, I drove them over to the next suburb to meet their posse and have a skate.  And that’s when it started….

Mr Cruisey and I agree that the boys should be outdoors and doing their thing.  We are happy for them to cruise around the suburb doing their thing.  But last night when they were organizing this skate, we were a bit like, ‘well should we let them go?’, ‘they’re only 10 & 11’, ‘Is it ok’ you know, all that was going on.  Ultimately, we let them go.  And here’s why.

Kids need to be kids! End of!

Yes, they are only 10 & 11 however, there was a group of them.  As I drove them today, it was about 3km from home – 3 whole kilometers.  It really just seemed like more cause they were in the next suburb.  We also know that we have equipped the kids with a sense of right and wrong and we know, they are scared shitless of doing the wrong thing.  Look, don’t get me wrong, angles they certainly are not however, they are not going to go out and vandalize, they are not going to graffiti anywhere, they are not going to break into your house!  They are going to hang with their posse and skate.  They will probably do stupid boy stuff but well, that’s what they do right?

They also have a phone that they share.  They share the phone cause they are mostly hanging out together.  A phone. I didn’t have a phone growing up. They used said phone about 4 times today to check in – yes, we asked them to do this cause that way, we know where they are – fancy that – a phone.  I didn’t have a phone, I had street light time.  I wasn’t doing anything stupid, (until I was much older) just cruising the streets, going to the park and it was pretty much the Bro and I and a group of friends and Dawn didn’t seem to worry so why do we make such a big deal of the kids going out by themselves (remember, the phone peeps…..).  We let them go together to the local skate park because it is just that – their local slate park.  The older kids there know them, they know Mr Cruisey and I and they know The Moose.  The boys also know the etiquette of the skate park, something that a lot of kids (and adults) have trouble with.

Kids should be out and about a lot more than they are.  They need to get out and about so they can figure out the right from the wrong and become responsible for their behaviour.  We as parents need to relax a little more or teach them a little better, equip them with more skills to deal with the outside world, yes?  So after a little phone chat to Dawn, Mr Cruisey and I are going to let the kids venture from home a little more.  What do you guys reckon – loosen the apron strings and let kids be kids!


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2 Responses to Where Do The Children Play

  1. Michelle (aka Aunty) says:

    Absolutely! Good on you xxx


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