The Year That Was…..

Well to be honest, 2013 wasn’t too bad at all – not really.  There was a bit of turmoil around me but as for my little family, we did ok.  Here’s the year that was:

The New Year started out ok.  I moved to my new position, dealt with some crazy fantastic people and am still enjoying it (although I think I might take a few more holidays next year).  All was cruising along and then my brother suffered a devastating loss when his best mate passed away from an aneurism – he was too young to go and it really affected (and still does) all of our family – such sad times.  My sister was going through her own shit at the same time and ended her marriage – big brave step for her to but for the best – once the love goes, that’s the end of the story and watching her go through this struggle, made me admire her even more (single life has been kind since).

Mr Cruisey had his 40th this year – we had a “Hipbillies Party” – hippies and hillbillies theme.  We held the annual Great Rissole Cook Off with Lena taking the Golden Spatula for the second time (you see, females really do make the best chefs).

The kids did ok at school although they had there share of ‘issues’ this year too – Mr Anxious and Mr The Jury Is Still Out On You – I will keep you posted on that progress……but overall, they had a decent year really.

We moved to a new pad, Mr Cruisey has taken up drawing again, the boys are out and about more and more and I am well, I’m overall pretty happy with things.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had some shit moments but in the scheme of things, nothing too bad just the usual ups and downs.  I didn’t lose that last 5 kilos (I bought the book and am going to read do it twice next year).  I did get fitter and I managed to do Tough Mudder.  We have had lots more interaction with our family (yes that’s all of our family blood or not) this year – more BBQ’s and dinners and that’s something that we will continue next year and beyond.

So 2013, you were ok.  Now 2014, listen up.  You are starting out on a new moon.  You know the new moon can send me a bit bonkers (jager should help with that) so lets just be cool alright.  Let’s get along together and don’t throw too many curve balls at me ok – there’s no need to play rough.  So 2014, lets welcome you in with a bang!



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It's Not Just Me Right? Coping with life, venting, ranting, raving, laughing and giggling along the way.
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2 Responses to The Year That Was…..

  1. Michelle (aka Aunty) says:

    Beautifully written Sis. Love you all xx


  2. Dawn Rogers says:



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