The Calendar……

Bought a calendar today.

It’s always a mission getting the right calendar.

I found one for Monkeyboy and I found one for my desk at work, it looks like this:

yes that’s correct, it is full of funny witty comments – I WILL help me get through the day and I shall share said calendar wisdom with everyone in the office!

But as for the ‘family calendar, that was a little hard to pick.  I did spend a substantial amount of time looking but couldn’t find the ‘family’ calendar.  Some had pockets, some had stickers, some didn’t have columns and I like to work with columns.  Some has small squares some had huge squares.  Some had some very wrong pictures on them (see above) some just kinda sucked – it was all too much so I left the calendar shop and went to get the kid’s school books and lo and behold, there was a sale on…….. so I destressed…….well as much as possible when there is a crazy sale on and there are crazy pushy shovey people at said sale however, I did manage to get some presents out-of-the-way. 

Anyway, I ended going back to the calendar store and rummaged through them again and came across one that I missed before – it was just right.  No pockets, no stickers, columns, no squares just enough space to fill in for each family member – the right one.  Here it is:

I bought it home.  And I let it sit…. I cleaned the house, I watched a movie, I walked the dog and then……it was the opening ceremony.  Get the sharpies out and liquid paper out.  Grab the phone to transfer birthdays onto said calendar, take a seat, slice the plastic and open it up and guess what……it’s the same calendar I had last year…………

So, here’s to another action packed year!


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