Back To School….Soon….

Well, this year, I am a little more organized.  Well kinda.  Last year saw me doing the week before scramble to get books cause well, I forgot about them….. the year before was….um no better and the year before that….well you see the pattern here right?  So anyway, this year I’m all over it, well kinda.  I’m not that organized that I ordered the books and had them prior to the finish of school, no siree.  When I got the list, I looked at it and thought to myself well there’s not really that much there so I can battle the shops and promptly put the list aside….along with their books…….

So anyway, I’m doing it nice and early this year.  I braved the stores early in the week, picked up a bunch of books and pens and stuff, bought them home and then left them for a couple of hours. There is a process isn’t there.  Gotta get in the right head space.  It starts with going through all the crap they bought home last year – the crap I had dumped in their drawers on the last day of school and seeing what is salvageable out of said crap.  Why oh why do you need to bring home tiny little bits of useless erasers, the tiniest amount of glue and well, I don’t even know what that shit is in your pencil-case – note to self – new pencil-case needed!  In times gone by, I would keep the school books to look at some other time and see how well they did.  Note how I said – in times gone by – because I have never, ever looked at old school books so this year, they got the toss.

So, where was I – oh yeah, crap all over the floor.  I wised up to plastic book covers a couple of years ago – they are a godsend!  No fighting with the contact to cover books – not that the boys ever had any fancy contact well maybe they got kinda fancy stuff in year 1 then it stopped.  I imagine a coven group of Mums sitting around covering books in contact with absolutely no bubbles in them, that my friends, that is a gift!

So at this point I have the rubbish pile of old books, old book covers for new books, the book list and a ‘lets get to it’ kinda attitude (note: last point is a lie!)  It takes a couple of hours – thank god for air conditioning – but I conquer the mountain.  The books are covered, in their bags and I only have a couple of things left to get – ah the sense of achievement, it’s overwhelming!  And the boys, they are so appreciative (note: last point is a lie!) but by golly gosh, I have done it.

Now there’s only 3 weeks until school starts. 3 long weeks, 3 long, long long weeks…………


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