The Work Family Balance

An Australian study came out today from the Australian Institute of Family Studies -(yeah who knew we had one of those – I picture it as a big immaculate white building with robot like people wandering around, kinda like Jodie Foster in Elysium sprouting all of their do gooder advice out to us mere mortals who apparently cannot get it right ) – and it was about how many hours a MOTHER should work to get the balance right. And the winner is….

24 hours a week!

Note that this study was for MOTHERS not Fathers – MOTHERS….Oh where do I begin…..

Hows about get farked!  I’d love to work for 24 hours a week – well I think I would, it depends if I’m actually supposed to be stuck with the children for the remainder cause really, that’s my idea of hell. Am I supposed to only work 24 hours a week so I can have dinner prepared, the house cleaned and the old mans slippers waiting for him when he comes home after his hard day at the office – yeah um, get farked!  Even if it were possible that women were even paid enough to be able to work 24 hours a week only – who’d want to?  I know that Mr Cruisey would jump at the chance to work 24 hours a week – hell, I’d love him to work only 24 hours a week but I would need to earn a whole lot more in order to do that – just imagine if womens wages were up there with our male counterparts…I know, crazy and far out!

So, people of Elysium, your study kinda sucks!

End of rant!


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