Bully’s Suck!

Moomoo is one cool cat.  Not much bothers him.  Don’t get me wrong, he can be a crazy cat sometimes but he has a good set of morals, he sticks up for his mates and he don’t take too much crap.  So when he came home in tears and told us he was getting bullied, shit.hit.fan!

He’s been going to the skate park since before he could walk.  It’s his local.  Moomoo, Monkeyboy and their posse hang there most days and we don’t get too much feedback (unless it’s the tricks they nailed) so we assume that they have a good time.  The older kids know them, in fact they know all of us – even The Moose, especially The Moose.

So, where was I, oh yeah, when Moomoo said this kid started mouthing off at them, we saw red.  What do you do though?  I was so mad!  The main reason I was so bad is because this kid made Moomoo feel this way – my cool cat got scared!  It broke my heart! But again, what do you do?  You can’t go and let loose at the kid can you?  You can’t tell the boys to let loose and stoop to his level can you?

The kid always have their phone on them when they go out so, when we got the call saying bully boy was there we grabbed The Moose and Mr Cruisey and I made our way to the skate park.  As I’m on the phone to Monkeyboy, I could hear bully boy in the background and the fear in Monkeyboy’s voice so we started running – we gave Usain Bolt a run for his money I tell ya.  Get there, bully boy gone – Damn!  I was pumped, I was ready to stand behind The Moose and look all scary like!  One of his mates was there so I had a little word with him……..  I just let the mate know that the boys are 10 and 11, bully boy is a teen, dude, tell him to lay off, enough is enough.  I was polite, the mate was apologetic and had told bully boy to stop picking on them and hopefully that was enough for the bully boy to stop.

Well, the very next day, we get a call, bully boy is at the skate park.  Off we go, Mr Cruisey, The Moose and I make out way to the park and bingo, there he is.  At this stage, bully boy hadn’t said or done anything, well bully boy eye balled them a couple of times but no mouthing off.  So, we watch what’s going on, looking all tough like (standing behind The Moose) and well, it must have been enough.  Bully boy chats to the boys.  No apologies for his behaviour however, there is now a noticeable change in the kid.  We didn’t need to say anything to the bully boy, I hope that maybe his mate passed on the message but whatever it was, it’s worked.

I gotta say, seeing the bully boy broke my heart a bit too.  What makes a kid behave like such a knob?  What makes a person behave like such a knob?  We realize that this may be a show and the boys know not to become his best mate cause let’s be honest, tis hard for the leopard to his spots isn’t it?  But at least a certain level of respect has returned to the skate park and much to our relief, the boys are back feeling safe doing what they love to do.

It must’ve been The Moose – what do you reckon, does this look scary to you?


The Moose!



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