Here’s a new word I’ve come across recently: Neknominate.

WTF I hear you say, as did I.  It must be really new because Wikipedia doesn’t even have an explanation for it but if you Google it, it’s everywhere.

So what is Neknominate?  It’s extreme skulling and the world is freaking out!  Look, let’s be honest, it’s pretty silly and yeah, it can lead to alcohol poisoning or at the very least, super power spews but as for it being a new thing, well, I’m not so sure.

Back in the day……. when I was, well how will we put it, um, a little bit naughty, I could shot gun a can of Powers beer like nobodies business.  Beer bongs – yeah, nothing new.  The difference now is social media right – that cursed social media!  Fancy showing off in front of your mates and then posting it up on social media – really, how silly are you?  Geez, when I was a teen and could shot gun a Powers beer can like nobodies business, we had to wait to finish our roll of Kodak film, take it to the chemist, send it away and wait for the photos to come back to get the shots of us doing well, shot guns!  And then we would show it to all our of friends, brag about it and then pull them out at the most inappropriate moments! Gold!  See, these days, it’s just instant photos.  Instant stupid photos that float around the World Wide Web for like, ever, so discretion should be your best friend but well, that would be the whole point wouldn’t it?

So of course there are going to be some knobs out there that try to out drink the next person and get in some serious trouble but like I said, it’s nothing new.  There may be times in one’s life when one may do some silly things that involve alcohol – end of.



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