Absence Makes The Heart Grow….

Yep, you guessed it…..Kid Free!

It’s the last week of school hellidays….thank God…. and the boys have decided that vacation care is boring and I think everything else is getting boring unless they are allowed to hang at the skate park all day (yep, I’ll admit it, they have been doing a bit of this (but not while we’re at work)) so we packed them up and sent them to Nannas (thank you thank you thank you Dawn).

If you don’t have to do ‘The Great School Helliday Shuffle’, well, you’re lucky.  ‘The Great School Helliday Shuffle’ involves days at care, days at mates, days going to work with Dad – it just never ends!  Although we did get time off over Christmas, filling in the last couple of weeks sucks!  And it is, by that stage, that they’re done, they’ve had enough, bring the routine of school back on.

I was speaking with my sister-in-law and she had just shipped off the nieces to her Mums and she has had enough of The Great School Helliday Shuffle and the attitude and she said to me….

‘You know what, I don’t even miss them this time.’

Oooh Aaaah I hear you say…..

I said to her, ‘Are we allowed to say that?’ and as she put it,

‘Yes we are and I think we are just being honest.’

Hear Hear!!!! Could not agree more!

Why are we not allowed to admit it as parents that we don’t want to hang out with our kids all the time.  We need a break.  They need a break.  Why are not supposed to say things like that?  Look let’s be honest, of course we ‘miss’ them but just for a moment to have the pre-kids life back for a moment ain’t all that bad.  Not having to plan dinner.  Or planning dinner and not following through.  Not having to answer to Mum, Mum, Mum.  Not hearing the fights and farts.  Having a clean house and not doing 8 loads of washing…..ah bliss…….. so ya know what, I ain’t exactly missing the boys right now either!

So Dawn, I’d like to say Thank you.  Thank you for wanting to have the boys.  Thank you for understanding that yes, we do need a break.  Thank you for liking them enough to want them and I will completely understand that by the time they come home, you too may be at your wit’s end. Thanks for letting Mr Cruisey and I have a little time.  Look, just, Thank You.

Let’s hear it for Grandparents – Hip Hip Hooray!!

Oh dear, this is from Dawns face book page……. and the boys are in very capable hands!


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It's Not Just Me Right? Coping with life, venting, ranting, raving, laughing and giggling along the way.
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2 Responses to Absence Makes The Heart Grow….

  1. Michelle (aka Aunty) says:

    Hear Hear to both Sisters! Being a good Parent means that you can still be ‘you’ its not just Mum, Wife, Partner etc. By having this time you continue to grow and that only benefits your bubs and again ‘you’. So I celebrate the time when you can be ‘you’ again. As the Aunty now living too far away I wish I could have the boys so much but am so glad they are with their Nanna & Popsicle xx


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