Whose Fault Is It Now?

The Beibs, whom I had such high hopes for (and whom I love so back off man!) got arested this week.  OK OK OK he was being a dickhead….again….. but the talk soon turned to whose fault it is.  And guess who got the blame……drum roll please……..THE PARENTS!

Yes that is correct.  It is the parents fault.  It is and shall always be, the parents fault.  There is no need for teenagers to accept any responsibility because it is the parents fault and if you work it right, it can be the parents fault until well into adult hood and then you can put all of your insecurities into your own children and then blame the….grandparents – hey hang on, I see some kind of pattern going on here…..

S E R I O U S L Y! Hey society, get the fark over yourself!  Stop blaming the parents!  Do you not agree that at some point, people need to take responsibility for their own actions?  Just curious?  Whilst The Beibs may be an extreme case, (I think it is more to do with the company he keeps than his single Mum and God fairing grandparents who struggled to give the kid a decent upbringing) teenagers are probably going to fark up once in a while – geez man, how are they (we) supposed to learn?  Whilst we instill our beliefs and morals into our children, we teach them right from wrong, we arm them ready to be part of society, at some point, they need to go it alone (you know what I mean). They need to make some stupid decisions and mistakes for them to learn – God knows I did hey Dawn.  I was a naughty teen, drinking, smoking, thinking I was way bigger than the boots I was wearing, thinking I was invincible, but I never really hurt anyone, just myself mostly, and I messed up, I got in trouble and whilst I probably didn’t own it then, I sure as hell accept it now.  I blamed Dawn for, well everything but hey, she is my Mum and I was the angry teen.  It was not for the ‘do gooders’ to say ‘Oh look at that kid, must be the parents fault’ when I was messing up.  I was a teenager! And there are times when I still mess up! But you know what, I OWN IT! It’s my fault, it’s my mistake – Dawn had nothing to do with it – well every now and then after a couple of ales, I do like to say it was her fault……love you Dawn!

So anyway, unless you got the manual and didn’t share it, the parental gig is a bit rough now and then.  And now and then, we need to take a leaf out of our parents book because, if you turned out ok as a person, well then maybe you have your parents to thank (light bulb moment folks!).  So stop blaming the parents – End of!

Besides, clearly it it Samuel L Jackson’s fault!


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7 Responses to Whose Fault Is It Now?

  1. Sadly I never managed to become a brooding teenager. I left school in grade 8 and started a full time job, so any brooding was done at work. 🙂 So I’m now a brooding retiree. I can and will blame my parents for the abuse and brutality, but once we are of age and out in the world then we are responsible for our own mistakes. They may have influenced us in many ways but the choices are ours.


  2. CloudDancer says:

    I love your thoughts! Concurred, although as the once brooding teen I was, I am guilty of writing a poem about how parents don’t see the truth behind our actions or emotional state and instead send the family to the media box to find out what to do. I also read that poem to my parents and all my classmates parents during an end of year drama performance… I guess I was blaming them for, well, the state of the world… lol. I know now that they did everything they humanly could to bring me up in a nurturing environment, but then… gosh I was anxsty.

    I think we humans are responsible for every action and choice we make. I cannot speak as a parent, but if I had any lil choolums runnin around I hope I would be reinforcing this.


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