Back To School Blues….

Did you hear it?  Did you hear the sighs of relief?

So many parents around this beautiful country of ours did a collective sigh of relief at 9.00am this morning! (some may have been in tears but trust me, you’ll get over it!)

It’s a brand new year.  There’s always the anticipation factor isn’t there – new teacher, new classroom, new friends – ah so many things to look forward to isn’t there kiddies.  I know that they are as excited as I am, I can see it in their eyes and I can tell by the way the are dragging their arse  eagerly getting ready for school – jumping out of their skin they are so excited (insert sarcasm here).

So I decided to walk them this morning as we are pretty close to the school and yeah, their bags were heavy and I thought I better make an appearance and introduce myself to the teachers.  As we get closer to the school, it begins….. The Dreaded Green Zone…….

What’s the go?  So all of the worst drivers in the world congregate outside schools – ah yes they do!  Green Zone folks, stop, drop, go – end of!  Not stop, park, get out, goodbye kisses, standing waving close to tears – move along now folks, move along.

Then once you actually get in the gates, it’s time to find the classroom or as we did this morning, wing it and hopefully find someone – which we did so it was fairly painless.  There’s some old faces, some new faces and some fear on said faces. We find the classroom, introduce ourselves to the teachers and a sense of relief washes over me.  We did it.  We made it to the classroom.  Monkeyboy is super cool with his posse and Moomoo is apparently too old for kisses in front of his friends as he turns his head as I go to give him a kiss – I still have many years to embarrass him yet………..

So I go home, clean the house, keep myself busy worrying all day hoping that they had a good day and everything went well….. oops, that was in bizarro world……. I actually do clean the house but don’t spend well anytime worrying about them but dreading the 3.00pm mark when my peace will be shattered!   So from the grunts that I go out of Moomoo, he had a good first day.  Monkeyboy was more talkative and they both made it through unscathed.

So goes another first day of school.  Moomoo is in his final year of Primary School and maybe this time next year, the post will go a little differently but for now, they can count down until the next set of holidays…

This is too funny, what do you think, did you follow the list…….

Sure thing super organized crazy person who wrote this – should be a breeze!


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