The Wolf of zzzzzzzz

Just gonna say…. I love Leo.  I have loved him since I first saw him in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape.  OK, alright, it started in Growing Pains and yes, I did think he was cute then and funny and I had a massive girlish crush…..OK nothing’s changed there….  So when I heard about this new flick, I had to see it right – Leo, Scorsese – gold right?

Hmmm well, where do I start.  The 3 hours long part? The arsehole of a person the my hero was portraying therefore of course I hated my crush because he was acting so well and I was getting all confused and did I mention that I hated the Wolf?

God, what a shit horrible person Jordan Belfort is – seriously!  Mate, we get it, you love the drugs and you love the sex and you love the drugs and you love the sex and you are a bit (lot) of a misogynist oh and a complete greedy arsehole – did I mention the greedy part? Oh yeah, ok that part was kinda obvious.  Oops sorry, he was all of the above – now he is reformed isn’t he tripping around the planet with his one man motivational speaking show – yep, people are still paying him.

OK back to the movie – the acting was BRILLIANT!  I hated Leo (not really I still really really love him) well not Leo, his character within the first 10 minutes.  Jonah Hill’s character was a bit of a prick too actually, all of the characters were pricks.  But the sets, oh the sets were brilliant.  And funny, there were some really funny parts – well Mr Cruisey and I thought they were funny, some others in the theatre not so much.  Look, it’s worth a look it really is.  Make sure you’re in a comfortable seat and strap in for the 3 hour ride.  There’s lots of drugs, sex, money, debauchery – well it’s got all of the elements and based on a true story – well, that’s just the bonus now ain’t it.


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