Your Contract Is Up

To some, this sparks fear and dread.  It took a while to figure out how to use their phones and now they are used to it and the thought of changing, well, that just ain’t gonna happen.

For us – bring it!!!  New contact, new phone – Yes Please!  Oh the excitement!  I had mostly decided on the phone I wanted, Mr Cruisey wasn’t as sure but after spending a half hour or so in the store, he decided on one – just the same as mine aawwww.

I’m happy to report, I have moved on from the iPhone.  Yes Mr Jobs, you made it quite easy for me to move on with all your not being able to share music and crazy updates that ironically now look more like the android system and seriously, although it seems the phone is mostly easy to use – I’m just done!  Learning a bit more from your biopic shouldn’t have swayed my decision but I’m gonna be honest, it kinda did.

So after the little flutters of excitement in the store, filling out the contracts and somehow coming out with a cheaper contract and pretty new phones, it was play time.  Kids, it’s your lucky night, it take away time cause Mum and Dad have to spend at least the next 2 hours wasting time sorting out the phones.  You know, seeing what exciting features it has besides being well you know, a phone.

Those 2 hours were quickly becoming 3 and why was that, oh yeah, stupid Apple doesn’t like to share anything do they – manually put my contacts over – oh yeah, super fun – not!  But the good news, my new Samsung Galaxy 3 took a matter of seconds to send music across from the computer and did I mention, it’s so pretty.  I spend a bit of time today showing it off sorting through the menus and there is a butt load of stuff I have no idea about but that is the fun part isn’t it – play and learn oh and occasionally, this is far out…..maybe use it as a phone.

OK I might need to get a bigger hand cause it maybe a little big but did I tell you how pretty it is?


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3 Responses to Your Contract Is Up

  1. You just have to love technology. Though the techno pushers with their whizbang devices are a bit hard to take. Enjoy the new phone.


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