More Mother Bashing….About the Breast….Ya know that old thing…..

Oh dear, I came across this article

It’s about a 51 year old breast feeding Mother of a 6 year old who will breast feed until the child is 10 years old if she wishes.

I’m just gonna say, for me Fark No!  The Game of Thrones scene made me a little uneasy seeing the young prince feed off Mum (as opposed to the twins having sex….).  I wasn’t a breast feeder, I didn’t enjoy it, I had dramas so I went to bottle – the boys survived mind you and I think we can all agree that whatever works, go for it.  Or can we?

We still Mother Bash every decision Mothers make?  You know what, I don’t care how long she chooses to feed for.  Seeing Mums breast feed can be confronting at times but to be honest, for me, seeing a baby get a blanket thrown over them to feed annoys me more.  Mums do this both for their modesty and for the comfort of others – those others being us.  I remember a girlfriend saying ‘I don’t go and hide to eat and my baby doesn’t need to either’ yeah, respect levels soared.

It’s such a pity that every decision we make as Mothers (Parents) is judged. So far, the boys seem like they are decent human beings, I’m pretty sure that our house is not really different from the houses up the road and next door (except Monkeyboy did tell me that I am the only Mum out of all of his friends Mums that has tattoos (I’m the cool one)).

Give the article a read, it’s nice.  She seems like a cool chick with wait for it….seemingly well adjusted children whoa, didn’t see that coming.  Stop with the judging and just get your own shit in a pile and move on!

Come on, this is just funny!

Oh dear….





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