Price Check Register 3 Please

Grocery shopping……

Grocery shopping love or loathe?

There are a few things about grocery shopping that suck and there are a few things about grocery shopping that are ok right?

The things that suck:

1: How many lanes are there? – As it says above, not enough lanes open – look I know there’s lunch breaks to be had but really, peak hour folks, open some more lanes!

2: Self serve checkouts – when using your own bags and it tells you there is something in the bagging area – yes captain obvious, there is – it is the bag you asked me if I was using or not….

3: Self serve checkouts – Ya use it to make thing’s quicker and easier. And then you need assistance.  And then you’re waiting for assistance.  And then you wonder why did I go to this lane.

4: Packing of the bags – When putting the groceries through, one would assume that the heavier groceries would go on the bottom wouldn’t one – need I say anymore…..

5: Shopping with the kids – nuff said!

Things that don’t suck while grocery shopping:

1: Specials – yep love em. love em love em and then you know what, I buy more of the shit I don’t need ….. hmmmm winning or not???

2: Self serve checkouts – quick, easy and in and out (unless any of the above happens…)

3: Fast, friendly service – this is such a bonus when this happens – nice people, doing a great job – in, out and ya get a bonus smile – that makes my day.

3: Shopping without the kids – nuff said

So what do you reckon about grocery shopping? love or Loathe.


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It's Not Just Me Right? Coping with life, venting, ranting, raving, laughing and giggling along the way.
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