Teenagers Are A Weird Bunch (or are they?)

So I have come to the realization that to keep fit, one must exercise regularly.  I’m pretty good at it, well mostly, ok I’m kind an of all or nothing and nothing seems to pop around more than it should.  So although I still go to bed and hope I wake up skinny, exercise is going to help with the waist line….ok whatever.  Me, at the gym, let’s begin.

I joined a 24 hour gym because it’s just around the corner and I can walk there (yeah, I still drive mostly sometimes) but today, well, it was a treat of all treats – about 20 High School students rocked in!  I’m sweating and huffing and puffing on the treadmill and I had birds eye view of the interactions of these strange beasts.

They were all there.  There was the nerdy crew, the cool dude (who I might add did no exercises!) hanging with the cool girls.  There was the shy kid and there was the actual cool kid with a mega afro (yeah, he was my favourite)

studied watched all of them.  This one kid was ‘styling’ his hair as he’s on the bike.  By ‘styling’ I mean he was running his fingers through and patting down bits of his badly in need of a wash hair to try to get it into a style – buddy, let shampoo be your friend – when your fingers struggle to get through it, it’s a sign mate – wash!  The cool kid was ‘helping’ the girls maybe?  And by ‘helping’ I mean perving on the cool girls and then swaggered from machine to machine offering what was probably no doubt really insightful wisdom.  He was so just cool he was annoying so of course I couldn’t help but stare at him and imagine what it would be like to kick him.  The cool girls, they know how to do selfies – like really good selfies!  I saw one after she took it while on the cross trainer I might add and man o man, these kids know exactly where to put that camera to achieve maximum results (unlike double chin selfies I do!) Impressive – cross trainer selfie! Yeah!

There were lots of pimples and hair putty there today.  The hormones were raging but from what I saw of the assembled bunch of teens, I’m pretty sure that the teenage beast hasn’t changed all that much of all of the years.  OK so the world has changed but do we change that much during those horrible, hormone filled teenage years?  I don’t reckon hey.  From what I see of teens these days (as the old folk like to say), nothing much has changed.  And that folks, both scares the shit outta me and also makes me think that I might be able to get through the teenage years with the boys, well maybe….just maybe……….


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5 Responses to Teenagers Are A Weird Bunch (or are they?)

  1. For sure.And at this point, I think I’m ok with the boys becoming teens……as I said….at this point I’m ok…..


  2. The book cover may be different but the story hasn’t changed. 🙂


  3. That’s wonderfully clever.


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