Stinky, Smelly, Funny, Boys

Monkeyboy and The Moose

I live with boys.

I live with stinky, smelly, funny boys.

Boys who fart. Boys who fight. Boys who kiss.  Boys who cuddle. Boys who yell.  Boys who cry. Boys who laugh.  Crazy, funny, dirty, silly, happy boys.

My toilet will never look like this, oh no, we tried that once……need I say… Stinky mat?

I see these lying around the house….DAILY! I find them in the couch, under the beds, on the verandah, everywhere EXCEPT IN THE LAUNDRY BASKET!

When 3 or more of them congregate usually around the Play Station or if I have the misfortune pleasure of driving their posse somewhere, there is a particular smell that happens.  The weird boy smell – kinda like the school smell…..

I hear weird conversations.  Not teenage weird just yet but weird none the less.  It’s all dude and sweet and cool and then hushed tones so that could be about anything……

And helmets, they live in their helmets and hats and the stink, oh the stink……..

Moomoo shredding

But overall, all the weird kid stuff aside, they’re mine.  Those crazy, stinky, little buggers, they’re mine.  And Mr Cruisey and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

I don’t live with girls, therefore, this happens…….



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