Keeping Up Appearances

One of my favourite past times, whilst enjoying a bevvy or two is picking on my bro in law – look, don’t get all ‘oh poor him’, he holds his own pretty darn well, truth be told, he loves the sound of his own voice and he doesn’t mind starting a decent debate!  But the other night, he said something along the lines that lately, I’m on a bit of a trip about the coin? What you mean I hear you say?  Well, when I sat and thought about it, and this is going to hurt, so lucky I’m posting (admitting) it here, he could…..kinda…….be……..right…….

I’ve been looking around at people and wondering – Are you happy?  Did you fulfill everything you wanted to? Did you see the world?  Are you happy?  Did you make enough money to do what you wanted? Did you have a good life?

I think I have been measuring ‘wealth’ in coins.  I guess the reason being is seeing friends fulfill their dreams, have their dream jobs, do their dream trips and I don’t care who you are, sometimes, we can feel a little bit envious right?  And we start to question, where did I go wrong?  Why aren’t I making as much coin as them?  Why can’t I just get by?  Why can’t I have what they have?

And then I slap myself up the side of the head and think really?

I look around and think, man, right now, right now I’m pretty fulfilled.  I may not leave a huge legacy behind but I know I will make an impact.  I will make an impact on this planet by the two beautiful crazy cats Mr Cruisey and I made.  We made life.  We get to watch these two crazy cats grow.  We haven’t been to the Himalayas or Las Vegas – yet!  Our bank account sucks some weeks – but it won’t forever ya know?  We’ll get behind, we’ll get ahead but we won’t miss out on too much.  Money doesn’t need to be spent on taking the crazies out.  Money doesn’t need to be spent on dinner parties – gathering the family around for some food, bevvy’s and conversation.  Happiness does not need to be measured by the coin.

So to my bro in law I say thanks pal.  Thanks for the reality check, thanks for the endless debates, thanks for not crying when we gang up on you (but seriously dude, why do you take the chicks on? Really?) and thanks for your honesty cause if ya family can’t tell ya how it is, no one can!



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It's Not Just Me Right? Coping with life, venting, ranting, raving, laughing and giggling along the way.
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