From the Archives………The Truth is Out There

Tis Easter after all so I thought I’d do a repost….This happened last year……


That’s it.

No more lies.

The truth is out there.

The truth is out there about all those freaky fictional characters that bring big bags of delight.

And what an anti climax it was.  The final Easter egg hunt has just happened. I thought it would be a big deal you know, fire works, hugs, cheers – something would’ve been nice.  I just feel, well, kinda empty.

And to make it worse, the boys were so blase about the Easter eggs, we even had to encourage them to look for the eggs.  The level of excitement registered between zero and none!  As Monkeyboy pointed out, ‘they’re in the same spots every year’.  Well come on kid, the Easter Bunny doesn’t want to battle The Moose in the middle of the night to lay the eggs outside – The Moose might like a little nibble on the Easter Bunny so the outside hunt is out of the question – and chocolate is no good for The Moose (yes, of course he would eat them all!) Moomoo was at least a little more excited, probably due to the fact that on this day, they get to have chocolate for breakfast.

So Mr Cruisey and I watch with anticipation for the excitement on their little cherub faces and wait for the squeals of joy as they find their Humpty Dumpty’s and other little treats and I want to see dancing and singing and jumping for joy but there is just……’can we have one for breakfast?’

And that’s it.

The last of the Great Easter Egg hunts is done.

And I feel empty.

I can’t remember what it felt like as a kid finding out the truth about all those freaky fictional characters that bring big bags of delight.  It was no doubt my bro who burst my bubble, or my cousins, actually, it was probably our cousins who told both of us and shattered our world, but anyway, today, knowing that this is the last Easter egg hunt we will have for a good number of years, kinda makes me feel sad.

Damn you freaky fictional characters that bring bags of delight not being real!

Happy Easter Y’all  and remember



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2 Responses to From the Archives………The Truth is Out There

  1. Anita Finnis says:

    Don’t feel disheartened. I spent last night with my 2 sister in laws working out the easter egg trail for all the kids aged 10 – 19! We unfortunately forget about the dogs and they ate the marvellous creations chocolate bunny with popping candy (shame we missed it). But kids had a great time following their clues to the stash. The 19yo got the note saying “You enjoy a challenge…..good luck” and left him to find the stash. Kids loved it as they do every year. Some years they make the trail for each other (leading to sibling rivalry). Don’t loose hope – Easter is still enjoyable.


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